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April 28, 2012
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"Do you want to go see the sunflowers, da?" Russiacat looked at (name) happily. Nodding, (name) followed her best friend towards the flower field. Unknown to them, deep blue eyes followed their every move.


"Wow! There're so pretty! and big!" (name) jumped around, admiring the tall, yellow flowers. Russiacat smiled. "My master plants these each year. It's normally very cold so they only bloom for a little while."

"Aww.. that's so sad! Thanks for showing me, Russiacat! You're an awesome friend!"

Blue eyes peered out of the shadows. "Why that little!! stay away from him!" Belarus hissed under his breath, his eyes narrowing. "Brother is mine!" He couldn't understand why she spent so much time with him. Russiacat belonged to him, Belarus, not her! Everytime he saw them together, he felt angry. Another feeling pulled at his heart, he just didn't know what it was. Growling, he stepped out into the sun. "Oh, big brother..." He cooed.

Russiacat froze, paralyzed with fear. "N-No! Go away!"

"There you are brother! I've been looking for you~! Why..." Belarus glared at (name), who shrank back. "...are you with...HER?!"

"S-She's my friend, Belarus! W-Why can't I-"

"Because she's tearing us appart! Why don't you see it, brother!? She doesn't care about you! She's just like everyone else! Pretending to be nice!"

Russiacat was appaled. He looked at (name), eyes wide. "N-No! (n-name's) my friend! She is different, da! Not like Lithuania and the others! R-Right, (name)?'

(name) nodded furiously. "Of course! I'm your friend, Russiacat! I really am!"

Belarus smirked. "Oh? And when were you going to ell him you're moving? You're housefolk got relocated...OUT of Russia! or were you just going to let him wake up one morning and discover you're gone?"

(name's) eyes grew wide. "I-i was g-getting around to it!" She didn't want russiacat to find out this way!

"(name)..... so you are like everyone else... you're LEAVING ME?!?!" Russiacat glared, a dark aura forming around him.

"I-It's not my fault! It's my owner's fault! i really want to stay!" She cried franticly. Russiacat wouldn't listen. "(name)... i will have to punish you for lying, da?" he drew closer, chuckling evily.

"No, brother. Don't waste your time. She's not worth it." Belarus stepped in, smiling victoriously at (name). His smile faded. She was crying, she was really upset.

"B-Belarus... w-why..?? Y-You... he was... my only friend, Belarus! I-I...I hate you!!!!" (name) spun around, fleeing.

"Hmph. good ridance!" Russiacat spat.

Belarus was confused. He should feel victorious right now, so why was he sad? Suddenly, it all clicked into place. The feeling he couldn't identify, the feeling he got when he saw her with him. It was JEALOUSY. he was jealous that she spent time with his brother, not him. "Oh... (name).."


(name) laid down under a park tree, sobbing uncontrolably. Russiacat had been nice to her, befriended her. now that was all gone, thanks to Blarus. That had to hurt her the most. (name) had recently taken a liking to him. She didn't mind that he chased after his brother and was mean to her, until now.

"There you are..."

(name) looked up to see none other than Belarus walking towards her. "S-Stay back! Y-You're here to get me out of the way perminantly!"

"No... I'm not.." Belarus hung his head. Swallowing his pride, he whispered. "I am sorry, (name).."

(name) sat in shock. Did she here him correctly? "W-What..?"

"I said I'm sorry!" He snapped. " I just got so mad seeing you with brother! You spend to much time with him! All I wanted... was for you to spend time with ME!"

(name's) jaw dropped. "Y-You.. Were jealous..?"

"Yeah... and now I've blown everything! You're leaving and now I wont ever see you and I'll probably never get to tell you that I love you!!"

She drew back in suprise. "B-Belarus... i hope you know... my family is being transfered to.. the country Belarus..."

He jerked his head up in shock. "A-are you serious?!?!"

(name) nodded. "yes... and.. I like you too, Belarus.."

Belarus smiled.


It has been three years since (name) and Belarus confesed their love. (name) was back on good terms with Russiacat, now that everything was explained. (name) woke to excited little ewls. She brought the four wringling kittens closer to her body. "Sounds like Papa's home."

Belarus walked in and smiled. He came over and laid down beside his new family.

Male! Belarus!
only one part for him.. sorry!
but there is the sweet ending!
I think i messed him up tho..
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